Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


On a serious note, this is a surprisingly good recording on vinyl (particularly Dies Natalis). No idea of stereo/mono (LP is stereo) or speed, mind you.


Couldn’t miss this one for £13. 7.5 ips

Worth it for Ain’t no mountain high enough, never mind the rest.


So I got the teac, thanks guy for the spot

How do I get tapes now, start with the queen one further up this thread as that was my fist vinyl album too so seems like fate

Are you guys bidding against each other on evil bay…?


Eye watering stuff…:flushed:


Stereo tapes seem to have been sold mainly in the US, Germany & possibly Japan. So besides ebay, you’ll need to be scouring record dealers in those places to see what they have. Or get friends there to keep an eye out for suitable material. The issue with US based ebay sellers is postage back here so if you’ve a friend over there who wouldn’t mind receiving & gathering them that’s obviously a help.

In the UK almost all you’ll find will be the smaller reel 2T mono material which can sound ok but which mostly comprises light classical & easy listening. Maybe the odd bit of Beatles, Stones, Kinks etc.


Oops good point-first one, bought in Woolies Rhyl whilst on holiday with my aunt from my winnings in the penny arcade


To play the mono ones from your Teac you’ll need to make up a cable with 1 phono plug at the tape recorder end (plug it into the left channel output) and 2 phono plugs wired in parallel at the other end to get 2 channels of output for the amp.


Thanks - will google the how to

So if it’s 4t that means it’s stereo does it? The queen album is 4t but no mention of steel or otherwise

Not planning to. Go mad on the tape purchases but a few would be useful, daughter will be in Germany for 4 months so will need to get her trained


Also picked this one up for $6.50.

I have the LP and it’s a surprisingly good sounding live recording by Decca so despite being 3 3/4 ips, it should be pretty decent…


4T is 4 track so two stereo tracks in 1 direction & two more in the other direction. You can get 2T stereo occasionally but most were 4T.

The mono recordings are a whole mono track taking up half the width in one direction & then another mono track taking the other half width in the other. Some machines let you configure the head to take full benefit but the Teac stereo machines don’t have a mono switch hence the need to make up a Y splitter cable as i mentioned for playing mono tapes.


I quite fancied a machine that is single track mono :roll_eyes:

Would have to record my own I presume lol

With mountains of tape!


Sorry, but where is The Young New Mexican Puppeteer without that it haz the fail


Here’s a basic explanation of the various track formats:


In that show, he did the full 14 minute version & there just wasn’t enough tape.

I saw him live in about 1990. He was great. Self deprecating too.


He’s one of those acts I really want to see before it’s too late, like I got to see the Stones this summer and they were bloody brilliant.


15 years ago, I would have agreed with that, but surely it’s already too late?

Everything I’ve seen (admittedly not live) of both acts in the last few years has been a poor imitation of their former selves.


As far as the Stones go, I was fully expecting to see a bunch of old blokes going through the motions and just cruising through the set.

But, honestly they were great. Fully engaged, giving it loads and apparently enjoying themselves. Jagger was amazing, 2+ hours of bouncing around a massive stage and belting out all the crowd pleasers. I really enjoyed the gig, even if it was at fucking Old Trafford.


In that case it must have rivalled Woodstock if you enjoyed it that much :grin:


Saw the Stones at Twickenham a few years back - still can’t get all the fans with Zimmer frames and mobility tractors out of my head. I felt sooo old myself afterwards I said never again. Best left to those who remember being in the pub in Richmond in 1960-odd, I reckon.


Didn’t see any zimmers. I was in the main standing area, about as far forward as you could get without being in the VIP “pits”. Most of the crowd around me were younger than me…:frowning_face: