Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


I want a Technics 1500, 3.25/7.5/15 ips and 2/4 track. The price makes me sad though.


Agree, lovely deck and right at the upper end of my shopping list.


You keep asking for this, but you really don’t want it.


I don’t at all. But some seem to.


I think you miss my point. It’s 3.75"



What’s 0.5” between friends.


Something between shit and glory




Alan Towell in the Classic section on PFM has a nice thread detailing the refurb of his.


Oooooooooooo Mystery tape. Might bids.


Did. Tis mine.


Did you read the post under mine?


Yes, sensible advice is most unwelcome.




Quick test of response on lpr35 tape.

Looks fine, time to tape some MQA from tidal.


Hmm, some HF roll off, probably a good slug of hiss and distortion. Surely you could just do that in DSP?


Have you been at the sherry already Edd?


Saw him live in Cardiff around 15 years ago along with 10000 screaming, drunk Welsh women. Awesome night. After an hour, a woman on our row slid off her chair. She watched the rest of the gig sat on the floor, continuing to down the drinks.


compared to 1KHz a mild BBC shelf across the 2 - 4 KHz region and +4dB at 50 Hz, no wonder you boys all gush over these things :roll_eyes::rofl: