Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


I wouldn’t look at these with any sense of accuracy, it was just a quick bodge of room eq wizard to see if the bias was about right.


Tape is the best way to listen to SACD.


Unreliable old behemoths, unlimited faff, eye watering expense, and miniscule catalogue of media available?

Yeah, I’ll take that over digital, every day of the week :grin:


Did you buy him a muffin at Scalford?


I missed the half price offer obviously…:disappointed:


Bought this for the empty reel, what 15ips bag pipe wonders might be contained within.


I love the fact that if it’s on R2R tape, you lot will listen to any old shite. If it was on CD you would slag it to death. :joy:




The Japanese know how to enjoy a format, sigh


That’s basically the set up process at Lopwell next year.


Yep, thought as much.


I have two R2R decks you know and a tape. Just the one like, but it works.:relaxed:


The bagpipe is a fine instrument.


of torture.


All bow to the King of torture


Is always the wrong answer unless the question is asking the best musical instrument to shove in a mincer


It lives


There’s a Palme d’Or with your name on it :+1:


Didn’t she play bass for The Ruts for a while?




:shushing_face: Less of the negativity and harsh vibes spoiling the buzz please…