Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Nothing digital can ever have authentic hipster allure!


Wannabe hipster fail trash box


Wasn’t VHS quite good for stereo recording?


Maybe, but I still had one 15 years before the next comeback.


Yes it was. 6 head machines (2 for audio) were quite decent.


I feel as though I read about some Tape Project style VHS based venture in the HiFi mags back in the late 80’s or thereabouts. Before DVD arrived & wiped out demand for the players & tapes.


Meanwhile, having a nice session with some of the World Record Club 3 3/4 tapes today.

Particularly lush example but these probably need a two track machine to do them full justice

Interesting history to WRC. I do have quite a few of the LPs.


I’ve got a VHS ‘digital’ recorder which has a built in DAC and ADC. I think it might be a Pioneer? I can’t find any info relating to it on the 'net.

When I get the system up and running I’ll try recording some vinyl on it. I’m intrigued to hear what it sounds like.


I have some of their tapes


If your machine is a 4 track (unless you can configure which tracks you can use) you have to make up a lead with a single phono at one end plugged into the left o/p of the recorder and then wired to two phono plugs at the amp end to give 2 channel mono. But these tapes do sound good used like that


Always impressed that the police use Neal Ferrograph machines


You know, I’ve not really taken notice of what the local forces are using these days. Next time I’m at work will have a look. I know the courts I visit are digital but most of my time is spent in the cell areas tbh so it’s memory (and a pen and paper if it’s safe) mostly when I’m interviewing people.


Istr that police interviews were (are?) recorded on tape well into the current digital age as cassettes are far less susceptible to editing jiggery-pokery. Additionally, a physical copy is ready to be given to the suspects legal representative as soon as the interview is finished, thus eliminating any suspicions of editing whilst waiting for a copy to be made.


Yes-that’s pretty much it I think. There have been some moves to discs in some places but that’s far from universal.


Couple of ads from the 50s and 60s,and jeff beck at home




Ahhhh, so that’s Ampex Twin :star_struck:


Is that a dog or a bear rug?




It’s the “live” version of that very popular 60s hippie garment - the Afghan coat. :+1:


Strangely enough,i’ve not seen an Afghan hound since the 70s,do they still make them?