Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Place i used to work in the early 80s did have a fair selection on sale,can’t say i can remember any of the titles though.


I only remember Beatles, Doors, Pink Floyd ( and the like)albums which I already had on LP, loads of classical which really didn’t interest me at the time and shit like what me dodgy uncle Ernie would like to play - Ray Coniff and val do knee gan sorts. Never found a copy of chairs missing or bollocks so flogged it.


I owned a really nice condition Revox A77 for about 3 months, about 3 years ago, but sold it on due to lack of relevant (to me, anyway) software and supreme faff factor.

Seems like making some more contemporary software would be a good business proposition.


It’s expensive. Vinyl discs are pressed. CDs are injection moulded then metallised. Each process takes a few seconds. Tapes, however, have to be pretty much individually recorded end-to-end. Industrial recorders can record them faster than the replay speed, but not hugely faster. So production volumes tend to be small. The industrial machines are even more pricey than the domestic ones and since they have a load of moving parts they need a good deal of maintenance. The heads also wear. I suspect that if anyone was to take this on they’d have to aim for low volume and high prices.





R2R coming to Lopwell, Guy?


Surely it will be the de rigeur source for Lopwell.

R2R represents the ultimate in hifi experience - it’s inconvenient, fragile, fiddly to set up, has limited software, and at any minute there is the threat of tape getting chewed up and fifty year old copies becoming worthless in an instant.

What’s not to like?:smile:


This is the R to R you need at Lopwell :+1:


I could bring this :star_struck:

Or this


Which one works better outside in the thick smoke and pouring rain ?

EDIT and won’t put the chicken off.



Too valuable to go outside ! !


Or we could have a reel-off with these



More like


I did not know Nakamichi made Elcacet machines.


Difference in sizes between the Cassette, Elcaset and the RCA tape cartridge.
The RCA was an attempt to ease the use of R to R.


We could probably have more R2R decks at Lopwell than we have tapes.


The RCA tape machine with 1/4” tape cartridge.
Time for a comeback?


The time for a new high end tape format was probably when mass production of VHS machines & software was at it’s peak although I don’t what, if any, technical challenges would have been presented by applying the rotating head technology to high quality audio.


Do you think Brian ever bought cassettes?


Ahead of you. DAT for next hipster revival…