Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


My arm has got the standard c/w. I just bought the extra heavy c/w for the FR-7’s, which are a bit heavier than the Ltd.


I think Angus who goes by the name of Phonomac on AoS has rebuilt one. I think he did Hugo’s (ammonite audio) FR64 but not sure of the extent of the rebuild.


Waiting for me when I got back today :slightly_smiling_face:


7.5 ips?


Afraid not. AFAIK they didn’t do either of Jacko’s classic albums at the higher speed (outside of Russia :wink: )

Sounds pretty good all the same.


The one I’m waiting for is Doors Live @7.5 ips.


Where’s the logic in how they chose to release what would obviously be big sellers?


Its a mystery to me! I wonder whether the record companies thought that 7.5ips was the preserve of the muso type and therefore more likely to be in demand in greater numbers in classical, jazz, than rock and pop, and so restricted the release of the more expensive 7.5ips tapes accordingly?

Doesn’t explain why they put that Donovan tape out on 7.5ips though! :laughing:


Or even the Al Green Call Me. Using 2x the tape, they must’ve retailed at much higher prices as well.


I’d imagine by 79 the market was much smaller for Tape.


Pity it likely has sticky shed.


Yeah I suspect that he’s getting shot of that for a reason. Apart from having Mike Oldfield recorded onto it :grinning:


You guys really do buy some shit on R2R tape.


The point is no-one has bought it :clown_face:




Look if this is some complicated ruse to put anyone off and clear the field, then just go ahead, honestly, no one here will bid against you on that one!

Then you’ll have two tapes you don’t play :+1:


I am going to sell my last remaining R2R player and keep a tape, just to annoy you.




I love Mike Oldfield. I already have such shit on Vinyl, CD, SACD, so may as well have it on tape too :smiley:


Oh dear, going to need to find a copy of that.