Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


That Muddy Waters tape looks sweeeet.


Very nice, but for $450 I would expect him to be resurrected and brought to play in my house.


Shame, but that price is for home shows on the mainland only.


Looks nice, always liked the look of Technics stuff.


Bloody remotism again


It’s an “Investment”


Well if you dub it you can just dub it to Nab.

I think the all have iec boards in them, some need populating so it shouldn’t be to much hassle to add IEC.

Also, First rule of tape club.




Is hear no evil?


Dub , I thought reggae was not available :wink:


Hearing prog is evil if that helps?


There’s no tape long enough.


Thank. Fuck. That’s saved me a bundle :smirk:


Just run it at 1/8" per hour and you’re golden


That Eric Bibb tape deserves this @edd9000 :flushed:

Nagra T Audio Time Code Reel to Reel Player


There are many lovely machines around, I’d love a giant studer or similar but really for now I’m happy with the Teac.

I’d be interested in making a head amp for it though.


Have you got the schematic for what’s in there? I have one for the X-3R & it isn’t that complex. Based around OpAmps. Spice could be used to sim an equivalent incorporating valves.


I haven’t looked to be honest. I just know the bottle head unit takes the feed right from the head which would be easy to do. Not sure I will ever bother, sounds pretty good to me.



Actually that’s just the output. There is more straight after the head.


On the 32-2b it appears to be discreet until the output amp with the volume control. Right after the eq and line level amp which are discreet is the dbx outputs so it seems I can use those to avoid opamps at the loss of some output gain.