Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Keep it reel and splice up your life.


Like, Hieryroglyphics, man. Way out there.


This is the best thing ever.


We need a YT clip :grinning:


What’s on it?


Random organ and classical snippets, and trains.


Trains :heart_eyes:


Trains :heart_eyes:


single track, or two track? :thinking:


Hopefully something like this.





the cakes were revolving.



Didn’t realise Wayne had shaved his beard off. Not sure about the new hairstyle though. Is it a Villa thing?


Reel conniption Pt 1


When Conniption turns demented:

After 6 hours of trying to play her recording, Babs lost her shit


Does anyone here have a deck that takes 5" reels?

I’ve been having a tidy up and found 2x BASF TP18 1800ft (90mins each direction @ 3.25ips/45 @ 7.5) and 1x BASF LP35 900ft (45mins ew @ 3.25/22.5.@ 7.5) NOS, sealed and in nice plastic flip open cases.

As I’m inheriting Mikes @MJ2 401 plinth, I’ll pay it forward, so they’re free if picked up at @Jim s bake off, or just for the postage at cost (if it turns out to be cheap to post, a donation to Prostate Cancer).

Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff

I’d have them & collect at Jim’s.


Neutron Bomb isn’t it?

Good to see she was buying pre recorded tapes. Obviously a lady of some discernment.