Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Yes. a fairly recent acquisition. Some good stuff on it although SQ is a bit variable.


I’ll give it a listen later. Might be the ones I’ve got and small sample size etc, but the soul tapes I’ve bought have been a bit disappointing SQ wise.


Not sure I have heard any soul that stands out SQ wise in any format, but when it’s good it has a raw ness and dynamic punch that’s fantastic at high volumes.

I have ended up mostly with the original first release ATCO CDs, mono and uncompressed, great stuff.


Some of the Otis Redding 3 3/4 ips tapes I have are pretty good. Dock of the Bay & The Immortal stand out. The Booker T stuff is generally well recorded & sounding good. The Al Green Call Me is exceptional. I can’t say I’ve got any equivalent soul albums on vinyl that actually sound better than any of these.


Good point - the Booker T/ Stax live tape (3.75) I’ve got is pretty good.

I’ve never got on with Otis Redding, just can’t get past his ‘honking’ nasal delivery! Heresy I know, but…




Strange. I don’t hear it as that at all.


Me neither, Wayne you’re a twat. :grin:




You and me, we’re the same :+1:


This has probably been on here already but I can’t be arsed to look…



Coming 2019…


I like the idea of building a playback machine, but that way madness lies.


Me too. I’m glad they are trying to do it but what will people actually play on these 2T machines?
There’s so little 2T material to be found & most of what there is is audiophile bollocks.

It needs many more small recording companies (or indeed large record companies) to start releasing 2T non digitized material or I don’t see the point apart from for home recording.


ha ha…as if you all weren’t totally insane anyway :laughing:



Seems to me offering it as a 4T unit, at least for playback would be easy enough.


I can’t get my head around how the reel motors are speed regulated or if it’s just done by tension.


on the Revoxes they were asynchronous as I recall so not locked & free to change speed as & when. Isn’t it governed by the tensioners?