Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


All yours Guy. I think I bought them with a view to spooling them onto some 10" reels, but couldn’t be arsed in the end. Nice tape apparently, no SSS with BASF either.


Why is that R2R deck about to fall off the shelf?


Because of '70s rock God insouciance reasons.


Vibrations from Robbie William’s swimming pool dig :+1:


Page & Plant


You watching Catchphrase :unamused:



Looking forward to this one.

7.5 ips, Contemporary Records & I always like everything Shelly Manne is involved in. Sounds good enough on Spotify!


The floater
A profound gass

Is this a @Jim record?


Another round of cleaning the tape guides and capstan on the Technics. Getting the crud off, albeit very slowly.


What are you using Wayne? IPA, Acetone? This stuff is good on rubber parts:


Its the metal tension rollers and capstan which have the most heavy deposits. I’ve given them a go with IPA, and again today with D5 Deoxit.


Try the acetone/nail varnish remover.


Tacaway adhesive remover, not tried it on rubber residue but for sticking plaster residue it is the best thing we have found




Because prog?


Ampex MR-70


Carefully. It will attack many plastics


With the aid of

And an oscilloscope plug-in on the pc, heads are now aligned. They were close anyway but it’s nice to make sure.


@murrayjohnson have I imagined this, but do you also have a copy of this?