Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Thats a very good price for them. They’re decent tapes for the most part.


I’ve bought some of those tapes a bunch of new ones and a roll of leader tape.
Lets see what they are like.


What’s the difference with DAT recordings and R2R recording ? is one better than the other ?if so why ?


Could be, just a guess mind you, that one is digital and the other is analogue



I can’t comment about R2R but I much preferred the Sony D6 Walkman with my core sound binaurals to the Sony DAT I bought as a replacement for live recording. It took an M-Audio Microtrack to convince me to abandon analog recordings. I’m not a fan of DAT whatsoever.


It should be good, it’s 16/48 lossless, but I don’t know if there were unexpected issues with it. I’ve never used it.




If a friend of mine brings me some prerecorded reels over when he travels from USA to uk would the X-ray machine’s in the airport damage them in any way?


I haven’t had any issues with tapes brought over for me as hand luggage from the US.


I haven’t looked at this thread since July last year and I am not going to read over 1000 posts, so just a question or two.
Is any one recording anything or just buying pre-recorded tapes?
How many R2R owners have amps with a Tape Monitor function?


I’ve put a few HiRes downloads onto tape as it’s easier to play those than hoiking the Laptop, USB Dac, hard drive & various power supplies into the listening room to play them. They sound adequate. Other than those, no. Pre-Recorded.

The tape players normally do have a Source/Monitor switch. Some of my amps do, others not.


I’ve recorded a few SACDs and LPs onto tape - results are good, but you’d expect that these machines would make a nice copy of something wouldn’t you.

Mostly I playback pre-recorded tapes though.

Yep my current preamp has tape monitor.


Mine is currently connected in a loop via my 8 channel adc/dac.


All tapes played at my bake off will be “archived” for historical purposes.


Massive want :heart_eyes:

Basically it has all the tracks from the Doors live tape I played at Jim’s, plus some others not included on the released edition, all at 15ips.

Must… not…press…BIN…


Just buys it, then resell if it’s rubbish.


Dated 1991, so what is it? A master for a CD or remastered LP?


Looks like that.


Don’t you mean buy it, copy it, resell it?


The first rule of tape club.