Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Slight move round to fit in the RS


I like the speakers. Can you tell me / us what they are please?


Wayne @crimsondonkey didn’t you d/l these too? Have you had a chance to listen to them?


The speakers are Club 27 “Kurt’s” they are diy build designed by Robert Bastanis. Des built them for me and made a lovely job. Very sensitive so good with the 211 valve amp I have, they have gone down well at my bake offs.


Cheers. Looks like a nice combo. Except for the R2R deck of course :wink:


Needs big reels to set it off properly. Nothing else will do.


Yep 10.5 inch reel are on the wish list. looking out for some.


I did download a couple IIRC. Can’t remember too much about the SQ tbh, will have another listen once I’ve set my streamer and DAC back up.


The youthful singing teeth


I’ve just spotted this pair of aluminium BASF 10.5" NAB spools for sale on another forum

Nothing to do with me really, but I wondered if someone here might be interested …




People ask silly money for metal spools, typically £20+ each, so £14 for a pair, posted is a really good deal.



Faff dreams





Is that Joe 90’s mum?


I hope they didn’t pay whoever laid those floor tiles. I also hope that the mechanism which pulls the racks back into the curtained alcove behind them, just like at the crem, is guaranteed to work even in an emergency. Otherwise getting out through the fire exit in the corner is going to be a bit of a squeeze.



Well spotted - it needed to be battery powered and linked to the alarm system. Loading there top tape player looks like some stepladder faff.


Playing a dodgy Russian tape of Doors ‘Strange Days’ 7.5 ips. Similar dynamics and WTF moment as @edd9000 's ‘Transformer’ tape at Jim’s.


I’d love to know what they have as the original source for these.