Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss




Need a ladder to get up there.


Faffing A.K.A Poodling


I think she is about to say “and no I’m not getting my tits out”


She’s wondering why her new man has a turntable, a dog and a R2R but no furniture.


… and that carpet.



She might have been saying it in French. It seems she’s the actress Dany Saval, sometime wife of Maurice Jarre but not the mother of Jean-Michel.



VTA seems high but she doesn’t seem to care.



Another vta gone wrong


Punishment if (he?) doesn’t get it right.


Pretty sure it’s Mr MWS going by the shoes


Vertical Thwacking Angle?


I thought this was supposed to be the bottomless thread ?

I know another forum where they’d have no idea what was going on but could give you the make, model number and valve lineup of that radiogram in the blink of an eye.



Nowt rong with that, though I’m still looking for the horn




Interesting tape - 7.5ips, have no idea what to expect sound quality wise.


Wipe Out is a great track :+1::+1:


Agreed. 6Music played it last night (Marc Riley, I think). Had to crank-up the kitchen system while I was preparing pancake batter. Thankfully I couldn’t hear the cries of ‘turn it down’ coming from the living room.:grin: