Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


I’m on the big reels now :grin:
Makes me feel like a grown up.
Have an urge to smoke a pipe with no idea why.


Lots of pipe smoking faff :+1:


I have several pipes and much tobacco :smiley: tis good faff.


I used to use a Bent Apple and Scandinavian custom mixture :+1:


I recall BigDur demonstrating how a pipe could be used to make one’s point in a considered & reasonable way particularly if the chamber is held between finger & thumb with the mouthpiece directed at the subject and prodded forward in an assertive way. It will confer real authority to your opinion that R2R is the finest way to listen to music from the 60’s 70’s & early 80’s.


Used to watch an old solicitor ripping lumps out of police at the local magistrates

He would casually stroll round the courtroom talking with unlit pipe in mouth til he was ready to go in heavy,then pipe would be taken out of mouth and pointed at the :policewoman:

He really was great to watch


Yep. When I was but a fledgling manager of people, I was young of face and thin on ability.
The pipe was used for emphasis. It conveyed an aura of knowledge and authority. I was a winner.

I miss my pipe :disappointed_relieved:


Been listening to the 2 track 15ips tapes Robin has loaned me tonight. Very very enjoyable.
Eric Bibb live is just sublime.
Going to enjoy them while I can.


Sony tape recorder. €195 Audiomarkt


How about this lot guys

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For that price I’ll take two!


You’d probably need a second one, for spares to fix the first one.


Yeah, I looked at it after commenting.


Numero Uno must now have one of the best tape archives of American legacy music :heart_eyes:

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Numero do dig deep and they are most importantly legitimate. For example they will try to track the singer in the clip and license the track including royalties (If they choose to press it) In terms of archives the Smithsonian has had quite a head start. They acquired Folkways in the late 80’s which included thousands of field recordings, traditional, old timey folk and blues and Jazz


Sorry I forgot about The Smithsonian :roll_eyes: and probably The Library Of Congress will have a substantial archive as well.


I’d imagine you could get completely lost in music and faf at either gaf.

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Certainly would be worth a visit :+1: