Relaxing tropical holidays

Our normal holidays involve lots of walking or long bike trips round Europe so we know nothing of relaxing or tropical holidays.
Sadly Mrs P has been rather unwell and the future is probably not what we had in mind.
We are wanting a holiday to relax and recharge a little after the last few months, sun, sand, sea and a few sights to see. So far weve looked at Zanzibar and Mauritius, both seem to fit the spec but Zanzibar is looking more interesting.
We’d probably be going January or February, providing Mrs P is up to it. With that in mind we are not sure long haul is doable.

Im hoping the AA mind can advise, Indian Ocean a good destination at that time of year?
Other suggestions?

Edit to add, Maldives looks like hell, not going there.

Zanzibar is very good. Spent 5 days after a safari for our honeymoon.

Stayed at Zanzibar coffee house and then Pongwe Beach.

Bloody lovely it was.

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I would be tempted to push the flight a little and head to Thailand. Mainland or islands. Plenty to do and weather should be 32 degs with a burst of rain at 1700.

Oh, and sorry to hear about Mrs P.

Thailand may be too far. Id like Vietnam but due to health logistics its not feasible at the mo.

You can get direct flights though.
I can’t say I know anything about Zanzibar, but I’d imagine direct flights are rare.

11 hours to Bangkok. 12.5 to Saigon. Can recommend both. Malaysia also a worthy option.

The flight to Thailand is 11hr 48. Zanzibar is 12hr 45 from the UK

I would also vote for Thailand

All I know of Zanzibar is a bloke that owned Zanzibar Kebabs which was his van he sold from outside of Battle Hill club, among other places. Lovely bloke. Based on him I imagine the people are nice :smiley:.

I’m hoping to get to Nha Trang in Vietnam at some point as it looks really nice and I have a friend from a nearby village.

Never been anywhere you’ve mentioned and like you have only ever been on the move on a break. Would love to hear how you get on wherever you choose.

We flew back with qatar airways. Two 6.5 hour flights with a couple of hours in the middle at Doha.

Costa Rica worth a look? Have heard good things.


Thailand food, easy to get non spicey boring food?
Mrs P has a very boring diet as the bag is a little temperamental.

Oh, will have a look…

Yes Costa Rica gets many positive accolades in my circles

Sorry to hear Mrs P has been poorly Andy, only hope it turns out to be temporary.

Can’t offer advice re. destinations, but would just suggest that tropical climates can - in themselves - be pretty tiring unless you get-on with perpetual heat and humidity, and thus wonder if a break somewhere quiet around the Mediterranean might be a better option, climatically as well as distancewise?

Totally get your point but Kay has set her heart on beaches with palm trees.

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Then one must make-it-so - good luck mate :+1:

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My sis used to be based in Dar es Salaam so we were able to visit her there and spend a few days on Zanzibar. The island was a nice place to visit with Stone Town being interesting, a very good Spice Tour and a couple of nights at the Blue Bay resort on the East (Indian Ocean) facing coast where there was the finest white sand. You’ll need to check what the weather is likely to be doing there in Jan/Feb though, we were there in an August.

One of the highlights was visiting the ‘Culture Music club’ in Stone Town a local venue (folk club) focused on the N African style Taarab music which was fantastic. Just be mindful that StoneTown (& Zanzibar generally) leans towards Islam so while not an issue at the resorts, worth bearing in mind in the city.


I’ll retry the Thailand idea but she had previously said no.

Zanzibar climate in jan/feb is warm with occasional thunder storms, apparently.

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Most destinations in the tropics will be much the same .
December to March is the wet season. Some places will be wetter than others. Don’t go to Darwin. They call it the suicide season there.

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So where is good for sun that time of year?

Blue Bay is at Kiwengwa. Worth googling and looking at the pics to get the idea but there are quite a few resorts along that bit of coast.