Rent A Faff - Pt 1 fund raiser

Want to faff about with speaker positioning? Want to pin point your first reflection points without dicking about with mirrors while your wife looks on in pity and mild contempt?

This little tinkerers delight can be yours for 48 hrs. It works like this

Stick the boxes centrally on top of your speaker lining up the fronts - Switch the lasers and discover your ‘by eye’ method you’ve been proud of was: A) cock eyed B) Damed eyed or C) Eagle eyed.

£10 Proceeds paid direct to the forum

Send Payment direct to:

  • Special Delivery (Either back to me or to the next happy faffer)

If more than one person wants a whirl you will ship to the next person S.D and so on - If the batteries go on your watch, you get to sort it. If they break, you get a bill, lost in the post? - claim on Special delivery. Lurkers be damned.

Personally I thought I had mine dialed in, it turns out I thought this about 4 years ago and things get knocked / budged whatever and mine were quite out of whack. It took me 2 mins to discover this with this bullshit. It would probably have taken an afternoon of OCD otherwise.

I suck at reviews - so you can read more here:

*If any particularly afflicted OCD brethren are interested Pt 2 will be Turntable set up bullshit rental.


Looks a neat tool.

Lasers. :two_hearts:

I just did a little wee.

Not the first time Mr MWS has heard that!


Nor that!

Were your speakers miles out

Is this the one off eBay, that just went “OUT OF STOCK”?

The lasers showed things had gone quite askew. Listening after adjustment there was a clear audible improvement. Would be handy when doing shows too I guess.

Make sure the Tenas are nice and snug before opening this then

My lasers are on p5 and p8.


I need a voltmeter on a stick.


I’d like to have a go, but a bit pointless as there is no where else for the speakers to go

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I’d be curious. Though mine slide about on a board and are never “fixed” as I move them out for extended listening.

I’d take advantage of this, but in a week or so as I’m away next week.

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It’s about position relative to your listening position. (Angle of toe in particularly) Mine looked right but were out

Yes, sadly I can’t toe them in any more, still like to have a go at somepoint though

Im game to try these at some point…

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In the post, then off to @SAP7 ?

Assuming Steve doesn’t mind the delay (?) Darren (@Turningjapanese) may be interested in trying and as he is only 20 mins away I could drop off…?
If not I can post Monday…
Ive time this weekend for a right faff so with a bit of luck they will arrive in time for the party-just wondering if there is a strobe setting? :man_dancing:

I am moving at some point in the future
(When all the stars align)
This would be brilliant for setting up in a new room

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I don’t mind. I just want to faff for the sake of a faff.
Back of the queue suits me ok.