Repair help suggestions sought

I was helping my neighbour to clear out his shed yesterday and came across this.

He didn’t want and was going to take it to the tip :pleading_face:
So I cleaned it up and removed the very rusty mounting plate from the underside, but FML I managed to damage
it in the process :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Any ideas as to what could be used to repair it? There is limited access from the bottom and I suppose the whole thing would need painting.
I’m not really expecting many sensible suggestions, but live in hope :eggplant:

Expanding foam filler and car body filler, then sand and paint?


And somebody with a more delicate touch.


Do you have the fragments? Maybe careful piece by piece reassembly with Superglue?

That’s a good idea Pete, would rattle can stuff be suitable?

Car body repair shop.

No Dave, I hunted high and low but couldn’t find the bits, but I had been washing it so possibly gon down the drain.

Good idea re the filler foam. Was going to suggest fibre glass.

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Thinking about it,stick a large cigar in the hole,and you have jimmy saville


Is car filler soft to shape once it’s gone of?

I’d just get a can of the foam stuff, yeah. Alternative is glue some mesh behind as per car body repair.

P.S. Clumsy cunt. :clown_face:


You could buy this qnd cut out the bits you need


Genius plan :grinning:

Or take a mould from the hand of that one.

Or you could stop going near stuff.

Just a thought :upside_down_face:

Gluing mesh be would favourite as I would like to put a light inside it.

lol, I predict a fire and further pain.

I’d probably be focusing on unfucking it first.


Bin it and forget you even went near it :see_no_evil:

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Fud. :grinning:

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Why would you even have tried to fit it to your tonearm?