Replace a Picasso


Our elderly and thoroughly shit Picasso is not long for this world (thank fuck) so need a replacement. Need a whole range of options to disregard because the basis doesn’t work in France.

Ideally, something relatively spacious, comfortable and not too uneconomical on a motorway. Financially, French cars will have an edge because they are that much cheaper over here…


i.e. 30mpg on a long run?


For preference a bit higher; the regular drive into Bordeaux is going to be about 45mins on motorways so it’s going to be relatively frequent, albeit not sales rep kind of miles.


How about a Munch?





so i guess you have discounted another picasso ? they seem pretty good vfm and spacious ?


Have you ever tried driving one? It’s the god-awful pile of shite I’ve ever encountered.


ah well i did sit in one many years ago !! a friend has just replaced his old picasso with a newish one and he seems very happy . they seem very popular in UK . Are renault any better ? personally i love vauxhall which are very reliable and and on my 5th meriva now . i guess opel are pretty common in france . the meriva is incredibly practical , cheap and comfortable to drive although the standard 1.4 is slightly underpowered when overtaking on a motorway but you can fit a whole pile of junk in it and its cheap to run



Is that the Lego version?


Hipster. :heart_eyes:image

Or this.


this would be a bit more spacious and at home in the French cuntryside



Even better.






Actually, I’d be tempted by the estate version…


Peugeot 3008

great and special features

• Next generation PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®
•12.3” Digital head-up instrument display
•Connected 3D Navigation
•Mirror Screen® Technology
•Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
•Advanced Grip Control®


No C6 estate.


I’ve racked my brain over this,but keep coming back to the mk5 astra estate