Replace a Picasso


I thought it was the C5, where there is an estate. Oops.


Good to see Bentley and Rolls working with the RNIB these days :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:





Feel the wind in your hair as you sit by the side of the road awaiting the tow truck…



I’d love an SM, French car full of hydraulics, Italian engine, what could go wrong.




Seriously, for just a brief moment and then back to the nonsense, Ford S-Max in whatever flavour you like. Ours has been utterly reliable for 5 years, the only thing we needed to sort was the tracking because the factory setup eats tyres. It’s even quite nice to drive.

Or a DS Safari which is utterly cool.


Yeah, one of the *-Max Fords is on my shortlist.


We’ve had a Kia Sportage from new (2006) and although it’s as dull as fuck to drive, it’s been utterly reliable. Saying that, it’s only done a total of 31k miles in over 12 years




Have you considered a nice Mazda RX-8?


I believe he did, but then decided a French car would be more reliable…



Citroen CX Safari.

Citroen C3 Picasso.




I had one of those Poo-gos as a hire car recently and it was actually pretty decent. Spacious and very comfortable, with the usual French roly-poly handling and adequate performance. Nice inside, with lots of kit. The one I had was very low kilometerage, so the kit still worked.


We have one of these. I’m not sure that walking isn’t preferable for journeys of under sixty miles. They are utterly shite to drive, relatively expensive to run and maintain and the build quality is appalling. It is the perfect car for people who hate cars.

In late breaking news my Strayan has announced that a new car is required. A Kia Sorrento was mentioned as a thing. I’m somewhat terrified, but as long as we deep six the Poo-go I don’t really care.


Mazda CX-5 FTW :+1:


Nice. Lovely colour too.


They are just booted versions. I was tempted by a C6 until I looked into it and then ran a mile. A good friend used to have a Renault Avantime V6 3.0 and now has a V6 2.7d C6, lots of issues with both cars.


Love the SM Opera!

However, if it must be a French and modern, then the Citroen C6 is the right answer. The next best choice would be walking.