I was offered and accepted a new job last Friday.
The offer was verbal and im waiting for the formal written offer.
My manager in my current job is on leave from tomorrow which means if i dont receive a written offer today it will be next week before i can resign.

Would you resign on a verbal offer or wait for the written offer?

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Written, if they pull out you have a legal framework for recompence

Always wait for the formal offer.

Oral or the full sex?


Wait for the written offer.
Why do you then have to await your manager’s return from leave? Give your notice to whoever covers for them.


Give your notice to HR

wait for the formal offer. I have seen so many verbal offers withdrawn.

Why do you need to wait for your manager to resign? Doesnt the co have an HR dept or doesnt the manager have someone covering for them whilst they are on leave. Someone being on leave shouldnt prevent you from resigning

Yes my eldest had a wonderful job evaluation a few days and review and 3 days later the company changed its direction and let him go !!! Folks are very fickle !

Wait for written then hand in.

Wait for a written offer then resign by email to Manager and HR

So just after posting i recieved the letter and contract via email.

Im now having to negotiate notice period as 3 months seems too long considering how little work i have.


Good luck

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Wait for written.

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I did this recently. I was on 3 months notice. I gave them 6 weeks in the end, along with a detailed handover plan. The plan required the receiving team to sign off each area of work, and for the handover to complete in 4 weeks. This left 2 weeks for them to run the show while I scratched my balls and surfed the internet.


I have nothing to hand over. Been there 7 months and only 4 weeks out of probation.

Sounds like room for negotiation then?

Plenty of time to teabag your managers mug while he/she is away then…


So i checked the T&Cs i signed and it just says standard company notice period applies after probation.
I search HR site and it says notice period is defined in T&Cs.

Not very helpful.

The notice period is a negotiation. The last one for me was a while ago, but I offered them a neat deal whereby I would spend 6 weeks finishing off a job that I was best placed to do, document the others and sort out a few bits that needed doing, and then they would pay my full notice period (3m). They countered with fuck off now and we’ll pay you the remaining 3 weeks of the month. I took that and started my new job immediately.