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HR are insisting on 3 months. Tossers.

Just take the money and surf all of the internet then

Don’t forget to book in all your holidays now.

Limited net access due to security.

Best take in a phone charger?

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Wifi is shite and poor signal in the basement

In your position, many on here advised me to “do one” and just leave. Easier said than done though.

Was the verbal offer contingent on you starting within a set time?

Ask them where that is in your contract?

What he said

Maybe just a good book then

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The future employer are ok with 3 months if it has to be.

Id rather be out much sooner.

Its hidden under a misleading heading.

Slingshot speedo, ghettoblaster blaring dubstep, make your displeasure known through interperative dance.


Ill try that tomorrow

Throw a sickie with stress, start new job on Monday - Throw a sickie there too. Apply for Job 3, throw a sickie, repeat… You see the accumulator here, you never do more than one weeks work with the rest of your time down the doctors or in interview. This policy optimizes Porn hub time although I did once have to change doctors due to waiting room complaints.

You will of course need references, Audio Ponce Ya’s fully staffed phone line and HR dept will provide all the cover you need - Fees begin at 20% rising to 35% for court appearances


make your current employers an offer - set out what they (in your view) need you to do, how you will do it diligently and effectively, what that translates to as a final date taking into account accrued leave etc and invite a meeting to discuss

keep it amicable but be firm that this calculated date is your date - if they are worried about IPR then happy to go on gardening leave after that date if they choose to excercise the notice

then stick to your guns and say you will leave on that date having agreed a reasonable notice period

good luck - great to start a new job, always best to leave current one on good terms

Ive started that conversation but they say they need the time to recruit a new team member, i think that is unreasonable.

My view is never cut your nose …
Agree to that but as a show of good will if it doesn’t happen in half the time ie 6 weeks.

Negotiate everything …

I’m sure you’ll have recovered from that bad back in about 11 weeks… with plenty of rest anyway

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