Restaurant recommendations

We haven’t been yet - we’ll be in Wales late August and given social distancing etc…we are trying to most please in advance. I liked the look of the menu, and we booked.

It was @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi that recommended it


FWIW, we liked it. Good beer/wine choice, nice atmosphere, very good food, and good value.

Ooh, this has popped up just in time, we’re in North Wales for a week from this weekend. Cottage Loaf looks decent value.

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get booking, it appears the only way to get in, is to pre-book.

I think indoor dining in restaurants in Wales is only allowed from the 3rd August

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got a booking, took them days to reply even then it was a one word answer “booked”…

We don’t have any activities planned so can be flexible. Will try and get Claire to accept that walk ins anywhere, even for lunch, are a thing of the past for the time being…

they might have walk ins for outside tables. We got caught out last Saturday with no booking in Margate and it was raining. We ended up queuing up for fish’n’chips - which was no bad thing…

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dunno if this is up your street, but we’ve booked a table at their Criccieth branch

Yeah, there’s something that everyone will like there, ditto the Cottage Loaf, so we at least have options.

Wondering how pubs like The Liverpool on Conwy harbour are going to manage, it’s really poky/cosy in there…

we went to a poky one on Saturday in Ramsgate, pub that used to have about 9 tables and standing, now reduced to 3 tables. We were lucky and got the last table when the heavens opened so spent quite a few hours there.

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I love The Liverpool, happy memories of the FoL and Claire crabbing off the harbour wall while I could have a few nice pints and wander along ever so often to inspect the catch and supply crisps and pop.


We are planning to go to The Liverpool on Monday.

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We spent a couple of enjoyable hours there as part of our pub crawl around Conwy last August.

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Went down there tonight. Long queue for a table and the clientel made 'Spoons look posh. Fucked it off.

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Drove over the bridge into Conwy around 1400 and the quay looked rammed, wasn’t really planning to go there today, but it deffo put us off swerving in for a quick one.

How long are you around for Mark? I’m here till Friday, so maybe we could meet up?

Groes Inn?

Here til next Monday, then off up to Keswick for a few days. Will sort summary out.

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Wednesday evening? Could probably do Tuesday as well, but not sure what time we will be back. Should be alright though.
Bodnant gardens was lovely and quiet today. I highly recommend NT or English Heritage places up and down the country for a quietish day out. Have to book, but the numbers are quite limited.

Whenever suits, where’s handy for you?

We could try the Liverpool. Hopefully less busy midweek. If it is packed then the Groes is good. Wednesday okay? Name a time.