I’m 52 and thinking I want to be out of the rat race by 55 or 56. I don’t have any grand plans and feel I will be happy with a simple lifestyle.

What age did you / hope to retire ?

What are your plans / dreams ? ?


To stop working some day.




Never regretted a single second of it.


65 and still grafting, hardly any holidays it’s soul destroying :hot_face:


Still working ? Are you a holiday rep ?




thats a bummer , hope you manage to get a holiday soon

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Stopped working at 56, when you can do it, the striving for commercial gain is soul destroying. Do something useful with your life and spend time with your friends and family, you only live once and you don’t want to start in your late 60s.

It’s a ‘dream’ sold to us that we should own lots of shit, have a bigger house and buy stuff constantly, fuck that drive an old car, live for today.


Through a serious of very fortunate and bloody annoying events I stopped paid work at 49, two months before my 50th. Missus retired from teaching in July 2016. Less money than we used to have but never been more content. Being by the seaside helps a lot.


I’m 48 and increasingly think the same way.

Plan is to retire about 55 and then spend it between enjoying myself and more time doing charity work.


nearly 54, with a (hopefully) well crafted plan to go just before 60

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Eh? People work, why?


I’m 54. Everything was set up to retire at 55. Life got in the way BIG styley. Now, feck knows :frowning:

What happened to peoples trust funds? This all sounds like a fearful horror show - I may need to nap


Me too.

Err, don’t know.

I was quite taken aback talking to an old mate in Munich who said he was saving [less than I have in the bank] then he would retire.

As of (literally) yesterday I now have a lot more than I did then. (no mystery, distribution of my mother’s estate)

Uh, I’m pretty much “post-stuff”.

I like travel.

The last couple of times that I’ve been out of work for more than a few weeks I’ve felt a combination of guilt and boredom. 30 years of doing much the same thing every day does rather institutionalise a chap.

Well that was pretty meandering but ultimately without a conclusion.

I guess really I could retire now (with care), but I don’t know what else I’d do.

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Just do it then, unless you really love your job, and who does ?

Far too many cases of people I know who don’t live to see retirement.

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I’m 59.
My (Final Salary) pension matures @ 60 (Feb 2020).
Looking at one year plans from then on.
If things are sufferable at work, then I’ll stay.

It had gotten so bad I very nearly left in January. But I decided that the extra I would receive after maturity was worth it. Things have improved since and it’s quite good again.

My advice is to be very sure before walking away.




Mine is to be very sure before staying.

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