Robs little Birthday bash Sunday 03/03/19


As it happens I’m just off to the coop to get baking paper we’ve run out🙄


Two Currys marinading, lamb and chicken, carrot cake, pavlova in the oven…


Lucky I dropped out early, I’ve got to pick Jan up from the station at 2 pm. Shit would have flown if I wasn’t there.


Just had 2 last minute drop outs due to injury and illness. So subs your in if you can make it :rofl:.


Mooore apple pie for us :joy::+1:


Have a good one.


Cable lifters for the win…


Hi Rob, I’m in can you send me your postcode and door no please


Thanks for a great day, and a great curry.
Have you eaten the cable lifters yet? :grin:


Great day out
Thanks Rob


This most joyous meet of the Northern committee took note of the use a triangular cardboard chocolate filled items. After much discussion about urgent matters that filled the days agenda and had no relation to matters of sound reproduction ( excepting an Occassional glancing aside ) , there was a brief proposition that removing the inner contents might contribute to the conversion of digital data into useful analogue sound. However Performing double blind testing proved …impossible . This was due to the highly statistically unlikely of regurgitation in any triangular shape , the contents of said lifters . The motion was deferred to another meeting when further testing would be instituted. A member asked ffor a point of order to be noted : he seemed to recall seeing evidentially the existance of previous tests and that none of them survived this particular venue. It was decided and seconded that this serious matter be agendad for the next meet in Kegworth. ( well done to anyone that read this far :wink:)


Please elaborate…




The opening house and feeding of friends is a wondrously generous act. Many thanks to Rob and Donna and friends. . I had a great time ,with good banter ,and am grateful to be well enough and able meet again friends and acquaintances . And hope to meet again at the Hifi wigwam show.


Many thanks to Donna firstly for letting us take over the house and secondly for doing some great food for us all, you are a star.

Secondly, thanks to everyone for coming along and contributing in your own special ways😉.

Brill day!


Obligatory snaps.

‘Loser edition’ :rofl:

Dean eating, who would have thought?

Steve has taken all the food and left Kate none.

Top chef Donna wifey pinching some lovely pork pie.


Is Steve even thinner? :thinking:


Remember that Stephen King book/film :wink: ?


Our sofa is small or is Tim big?


Anti resonance confectionery.