Robs little Birthday bash Sunday 03/03/19






Me taking a picture of Dean taking a picture of a tablet with something on it that was interesting.

Ah that was it. One of Tim’s new platter mats, the tablet sounded much better on one of these :+1:


Huge thanks to Rob and Donna for hosting a great day. It was nice to meet up with everyone again and just chat chill and eat to fine music.

Rob your turntable was sounding preeeeety nice today mate with that Hana cartridge on. I really liked it.
Will see ya all at Kegggy in a few weeks. :smile:


VTA’s out…


Why is Micky talking into a huge microphone ?


He was DJing, well that’s what we told him anyway :wink:



Eeeeek . VTA .Wondered where my lovely bass was. Maybe try Hana back again on my Techy /OL arm at Occassional Thinkers ? I was impressed by the source detail coming over from Pauls kit line off tinternet and pics on telly too . More of this at Kegworth to hear/ see . Looking forward to attending .


Did Mark, Steve and Rick not get the dress code memo? :slight_smile:


aye pretty pleased and once Dean got control, well that was it, guess I now have a new playlist to explore before Keggie :thinking:
my cunning plan for Keggie is to spend less time picking things to play and more time talking nonsense and drinking, what could possibly go wrong? :rofl:
anyway Rob, as always a very top bake off, thanks for Donna for being patient although a bit embarrassed at how much washing up she did (after Rob’s token effort!)
poor old Rosie got bored with the lack of attention, but she’ll learn !

now off tomorrow to plan my next “beat up the DJ” attack for Tuesday - that is if Steve manages to stagger into the studio this week - having done the hat trick I think next target has to be double figures :smiley:


Tims new project of a platter mat looked very professional,I’m sure they will sell well, just needs the correct label and he’s away…
Many Thanks to you and Donna for holding a lovely birthday bash,The Indian theme food was sooo…tasty and also Donnas homemade birthday Carrot cake :birthday:…Thanks also to the other home bakers or food providers ,Apple pie,trifle,pork pies etc and not forgetting Robs Pavlova…Dean created some great toons via streaming,he has promised to put up a playlist :musical_score::wink:…Good for Robs daughter being awarded a Blue Peter badge via letter post(over to Rob for piccy and details) ,first time I have seen a real one,Well done Amy… A Great day was had by all…Respect to Donna who was preparing the meal whilst having the majority of us hanging around the kitchen without getting flustered! mind you the kitchen was empty during washing up time :grinning:



I’m hidden behind Rob but eek!! I’m detecting a bit of bald patch appearing…
not too bad though I have kept my hair for 70 yrs so can’t moan …vain git !


I went bald at 25,doc said it was due to my royal genes




Did the doc also say that you were important when he gave you your sperm test results?


No one could quite believe that Rob is only 10 years old.