Roon redux


Over on the Roon forums, it looks like they’ve gone full potato over the introduction of some Meridian MQA content on Tidal.

Has anybody here got an MQA capable DAC? It looks like bullshit squared to me.


I still don’t understand what Roon is :confused:

OK - I’ve googled it, it’s an enhanced metadata service for your music, right? Like the Sooloos stuff? Or are they actually the same thing?


It’s a music player and library management with enhanced metadata, yes. No, it’s not Sooloos.


They’re going bonkers on pfm for it as well claiming it sounds much better :fist:

Have no intention of getting an MQA DAC as I just view it as a way of Meridian selling DRM to music companies.

If you want to try it you can install the Tidal app and have that decode MQA as I don’t think Roon can decode it yet.


You should download the trial, seeing as you are looking around at music players.


Neither of them can. They both just play the “lossy hi-res” (how odd does that sound).


I was thinking just that, given how arse MS Boom / Turd / Whatever it was, was.


It’s streaming, it’s shite.


The Tidal desktop app can decode MQA you need to enable the feature which is tucked away in the playback settings, sends it to the DAC as a 24/192 or 24/96 stream.


Looks like it will decode MQA automatically and you have to enable pass through for MQA DACs


Hush, bellend.


Just because you can’t put a Shakti stone on a router…




Do you remember the Young DAC bollox? This is the same.


Yes, and it’s nothing to do with it. :smiley:


So hi-res in a different packet?


More like HDCD for the streaming generation?


Meridian went their own route a few years ago with a product that would only work on their equipment.
It was a stupid idea then and was always going to be redundant when an industry standard / market leader came to the fore. It just looks like they have realised that and are integrating it into other services before they totally piss of the early uptakers who are now stuck with expensive Meridian gear and very limited access to streaming libraries.


You can’t have too many Shakti stones. :smile:


No you’re right, deaf fools with runaway imaginations can’t get enough of them :laughing:


Massive update.

Pity I don’t have time to play with it today.