Roon redux


Technofear rising :confused:


If only it sounded as good as CD


M’eh, wax cylinders are future. Roon is sooooo 2016…


I was a bit put off by the pricing.

I’m not 100% into renting software, and USD 500 for a permanent license is quite a lot to shell out in one go.


Has yours updated yet, I got the email yesterday but it hadn’t upgraded last night?


Just installing it now. I was away all day.


I updated mine last night but as the rectifier valve has blown in my pre I’m currently testing the Sonos integration which works very well.


Mine’s chugging away updating the core database. I like the look of some of the new features like built-in DR score.

Apparently, Artist/Track info is back on the old ip3k Squeezebox displays as well. :heart:


I’ve promised myself I’m going to go Roon-Tidal when I get some time.

For those already enjoying it, is there a good idiots (ie numpty) guide out there that you would recommend?


For setup?

The Core(server) requirements are a bit higher than something like LMS, and remotes won’t run on anything older than an iPad Air (1st gen) for instance.

It’s pretty straightforward, and quite easy to move the DB around if you want to try a different setup. I run my server directly on my QNAP NAS, but quite a few people use Intel NUCs, with their storage networked or attached directly. There are also some easy Raspberry Pi options with pre-built images detailed on the forums.



I have a Synology NAS which it might run on, or I’ve got a Mac Mini knocking about I wonder it that would be good enough to act as a Core?


Mac Mini will be fine as long as it isn’t too old, I was using a late 2012 model with 4GB at first which had no issues.

The NAS really needs an SSD drive otherwise it will have issues.

I tried it on a QNAP TS251+ which has 8GB RAM and and a quad core 2.4 GHZ Intel but it still had blips when streaming.


Just been reading their knowledge base about running roon hosted on a NAS

They’ve got some fairly stern requirements for CPUs and memory, but the whole “database must be on an SSD”? Get. To. Fuck.

What the bloody hell is it up to if a modern hard disc isn’t fast enough?

Talk about “if it isn’t awkward it isn’t audiophile” …


Modern HDD is not really fast for database browsing, which is actually what you do.
Most of us have 1000s of albums, so over 10.000s of tracks…
SSD is cheap in the mean time, eating pizza with a family of 4 costs more…

BTW, the SSD is for Roon to run, your music still can stay on HDD.


Because there’s no such thing as RAM?


The rest of the world seems to have had no problem throwing 10s of millions of rows around on spinning platters for the last 35 to 40 years.

But the Special Music Thing needs an SSD for a frankly piddling amount of data.


Yeah, I agree with Gyro. I just don’t think they have optimised the operating parameters for their product yet. If you speak to their devs, they will do a lot of arm waving about the amount of metadata they are throwing around compared to other library managers, but I’m not totally convinced.

However, they have improved search performance massively in this update, and imo those specs listed in the KB are over done. When I first started using the program seriously I ran it on a Windows VM inside the QNAP which runs on a Celeron processor. I didn’t have an SSD for the DB either. It was perfectly usable.


Just looked at my ‘history’, 5439 songs in a year. Maybe I should get out more!


What is this ‘getting out’ of which you write? Does it involve an arse/sofa separation?


Involves pork.