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Only just noticed that Roon 1.3 has a “Merge Artists” function which has finally cured my Babybird / Baby Bird filing conundrum, and the resulting OCD fail.


@f1eng something there for you.


Found this, while browsing.—Round-up
Might be of interest to some. A two month free trial of Roon, instead of the normal two weeks.


@catcando I’m having a discussion with a couple of people on the Roon forums right now as to why the current financing options are “limiting”.


Roon do seem to enjoy making the hardware requirements the wrong side of silly. Having said that I recently moved my “server” over from a Noah’s arc amd CPU to ryzen 6 core thingy and it is way quicker to use, search etc. Does not sound any better (or worse) though. Roon is the least of it’s running problems though, much more demanding shit operating around it. roon runs on a sad, the music files still live on a standard HDD.


Can anyone tell me how to find a playlist on Tidal through Roon? I have done it before but driving me a bit mad at the moment! @browellm?


I’ve never done it unless they have been previously saved (favourited) to Roon.


Ah, there doesn’t seem to be a way to search playlists. Annoying! I can’t play it direct from tidal either on my pc ( and therefore through the hifi) because even though I’m signed in, it is still asking me to subscribe. Plays on my phone fine and tidal working fine through Roon. Sometimes I feel like setting fire to it all :rage: :grinning:


If you search a track in Roon that appears in a Roon playlist, then that playlist appears in the results.

But a Tidal playlist that has been favourited in Tidal and not copied to Roon locally won’t appear in the results, which is a bit odd.


I don’t think this has ever worked, people keep raising it on the forum and roon say it is fixed but it has never worked for me.

You can force a sync by going into settings > services > edit > resync tidal

I have a few playlists lin tidal but the only thing that appears in Roon are some of the albums.

Pretty shit integration for something they keep bleeting on about.


My Tidal Playlists appear, but they don’t show up in search results.


Where do they appear in Roon, I may be looking in the wrong place?


The first Playlist was one I favourited in Tidal. The rest are Tidal playlists that I copied to my local Roon by going via Roon > Tidal > choosing a Tidal Playlist > Copy to Playlist… which makes a copy.


Ah ok I’ve been a right twat then, I was looking for my playlists in the Tidal section in Roon


Got some Roon 60-day trial codes, which are quite hard to get hold of.

PM me if you want.


This might have been interesting, and I’m actually in Oxford that day, but doing something else.



Tempted to have a punt at the Nucleus server running in to the dac in my Luxman CD PLAYER. My nas drive wasn’t up to running Roon so I gave up with it before. I still like using BBC iPlayer through my squeezebox, I understand Roon will be adding this in next few months.

Anyone else tried the Nucleus ?


I haven’t. They are like all these turnkey manufacturer boxes. Convenient if overpriced.


I’m not great with computers, I can manage turning it off and on again at the mains …

It’s the simplicity that appeals. Tidal is getting very comprehensive and I would like to crack the whole Roon thing.