Roon redux

it is, try the usual reset etc?

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why do people always assume that if one person has a problem with qobuz/tidal (or anything) in Roon but they don’t it is being imagined.

This is why I fucking loathe the roon fanbois “it’s ok for me so there must be nothing wrong with roon”


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I agree but;

… multiple users report issues= something big is broken. Expend no further effort on it.
… other users don’t have issues= something local is broken. Might be worth further investigation.

Not a Roon thing.


Track record, ignore all

Fixed with reset.
Just found that I could control my Nad BluOS player with my iWatch - a small thing but quite cool - I tried it with Roon but that was not playing ball.

Roon 2.0 released today, seems to work.

New software for mobile devices called Arc, not tried this yet.

Yep just loaded up and set up the Arc app on phone - seemed straightforward. Now need to test out on the road…

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hahahahaha until people start using it and realise that although they may have 150 Mbps download it’s the minuscule upload bandwidth that Arc will use.

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I think ARC has built in transcoding.

Posted a comment about them advocating users enable UPnP and got the usual bigbrain hubris from Danny and co.

I’ve given up trying to comment on the lack of security, the shite way they handle DNS or mDNS or UPNP or pretty much anything on their software.

The only upside is they went for a high port rather than one in routinely scanned “well known range”

Tried it last night and it streamed Qobuz ok, not sure if it does a redirect for Qobuz/Tidal/Radio though, will have to do a packet capture later to see if they are actually streaming it from the core to arc.

Probably a PBKAC error but I can never connect roon remote to the core, so what chance have I got?

fuck me that Arc stuff is a colossal clusterfuck

I do like their comment that “we decided it is in the best ineterest of users to get something rolled out”

Yeah probably didn’t think that through when it’s got shite security, a large number don’t have a clue how to set it up, it doesn’t work for many and the support team is hiding under their desks.

Fucking ROON, well done on another fantastic fucknugget of a software update.

LOL, I have a strong desire to create a shill account and say that ARC sounds a lot better configured in a DMZ. Watch the poor dickheads lap it up.


Furthermore, it’s not the worst piece of hyperbole to suggest that enabling UPnP on home routers isn’t far off putting your network in a DMZ anyway.

Someone chuck that hand grenade in.

consumer level tech companies though, clueless,

I tried asking HIVE the TCP/UDP port requirements for their kit, utterly clueless, they just presume that all outbound ports to all external addresses are open otherwise the kit doesn’t work. “not supported” if it isnt BT/Virgin/TT etc box of sh1te router

After saying the other day on ale house I’d never use Roon.

Giving it a go with Ropieee.


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One cannot truly enjoy the car crash unless one is in the car crash

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My car is incapable of joining the road.

I have had a browse of the forum.



hahaha, lol

It’s like hifi forums of yore, full of earnest bores and their unbridled enthusiasm for Melco switches and other mental shit.