Royal Wedding Thread


Personally I can hardly contain the excitement, at least I think it is excitement :worried:. This seems like a nice thing:


They’ll probably manage to be decent ambassadors for the UK and for charitable causes which can only be good in the grand scheme of things.
No f’ing way would I live my life under that level of scrutiny.
Best of luck to them.


I wish them well and all that. But meh.





@Penance would :wink:



Such negativity in the face of so much Royal Win. I iz surprized.


Who? The Nan? Phil the Greek?


All of them - probably simultaneously ! :laughing:


At the risk of upsetting Mark, ftfy



Erm, thanks a lot…:slightly_smiling_face:


Great cape based outfit, just needs a flute.


No need to bring the f-word into this nice thread.


Good coming from you.

This thread sucks.

My giveafuckometer is deep into negative values.


I thought it was amusing of them to put it up against the football match. I don’t care if it was ignorance, chutzpah or the only day they could get the gaff they wanted. It’s funny whichever it is.

I don’t think I’ll go along to cheer but if I did I would certainly dress as a homeless person.





Are we having a ‘Let’s start a shit thread’ competition? Yesterday we had Trump rugby and now we get this :roll_eyes:


It’s even got “thread” in the title.

I’m voting for a “Shit thread thread” next.