Royal Wedding Thread


Animosity towards them = 0
Interest in their wedding = 0
Score out of 10 for this thread = 0
My score for actually posting in this thread = 0

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i think you may have overrated the thing


I do enjoy a Royal Wedding, we get to play




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Historical group, though we do work with a few regiments.


Can you put it outside Nigel Farage’s house?

(incidentally, No ear defenders?)


Are for wimps :smirk:


No need, 8 miles will be close enough.


Another excuse to leave the girls cooing at the idiot box, cycle to a country pub and get pissed on cider.

More royal weddings please! Keep shrinking that gene pool.


A day of for the Queen’s Civil Servants, that’s what i say.




That too :slight_smile:


Well it’s almost here… Are you panting with excitement?

what plans have you made for the special day? - are you hosting a street party or cooking up a special dinner .

Have you bought any souvenir tat?


has anyone tried any of these


How does one block threads from appearing?


arnt you looking forward to the royal nuptials

do you want a celebration sausage

or some of these to contain your seed

crown jewel heritage condoms


They can both fuck off. Ms ICHM daugher loves the sponging royals, so I am being forced to watch the shite (with the headphones on obviously and a game on the phone).