Royal Wedding Thread


Who is this Henry, I thought Charles was the Prince of Wales or is it whales?


Charles likes it up the chuff from Camilla… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m saving that thought for a private time.


Just got a ‘breaking news’ alert from the BBC on my phone.
The last one of these was the Israelis shooting a fuckton of people, the one before that was the terrorist in Belgium.

This one is that Meghan Markel’s Dad may not make it to the wedding.



Terrific thread this. Started when too much oxycontin was never enough. Who thought resuscitation was a good idea though? They must be on proper drugs.


Can it be amalgamated with the cunty shoes thread. :+1:


Actress to marry son of James Hewitt apparently



Do you think he will attend his son’s wedding? :roll_eyes::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



We’re playing this gig - one of a series of gigs organised by Musicians Against Homelessness as a protest against the attempts made my Windsor Council to rid the streets of unsightly dossers before The Wedding.


The local brewery (Leighton Buzzard Brewing Company) is putting on a couple of specials for the big day in the brewery tap -

"Royal Appointment is a 3.8% golden ale made with a combination of US and English hops (see what we’ve done there)

Dirty Harry is a 4.5% black beer which has had fresh ginger added straight into the cask! "

I’ll give it a go, better than buying any other tat to do with the event.


So the production of Harry was not unadulterated?:thinking:


Seemingly not - sadly there doesn’t seem to be hop variety called Hewitt that they could have used in the process !



Right. Having promised myself that I wouldn’t read a goddam thing about this freak show, my phone is burning up about Megan’s Dad not coming to the wedding cos he’s had some daft photos taken. Or summats.

What the actual fuck?



While you are at it:

‘Nigel Farage’s Patronus’…



Cape is ironed and ready


wear these

and you’ll need to put up some


Already up for the street party :+1: