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I had no idea they did it! Is it spicy/hot there?


There’s no helping some people.


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Not really. Just very rich and creamy.


Have to say that recipe is much more like the one I have from a friends mum compared to the Rick Stien recipe.

That looks proper top bollocks Ritchie :yum:

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I was looking at the Rick that Simon posted but I couldn’t really read it easily on my phone!

There seems to be a vast array of recipes for it, some of them quite different, which is why I was asking @coco what the Turan one is like I suppose. This was very rich and deeply flavoured but not hot. I followed the recipe quite closely but @NAM advised that low and slow is good, so after pressure cooking the beans I simmered it for about 4 hrs after bringing it together.

Not a thing to eat all the time though, crazy amounts of butter and cream!

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This recipe is really something special :+1:

First recipe trying out goda masala, 'twas nice and also very simple

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That’s probably what I would have done now I have a pressure cooker…I didn’t when I cooked it last. I wonder how different it would be to just pressure cooking it for 2 hours

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It definitely thickened up, I didn’t mash the dal at all but didn’t have to, a lot of it went very mushy/gooey. :heart_eyes:

The Amritsari fish looks peng.

I’m spending too much time with my kids… :hugs:


yeah should be deeply flavoured but not over hot. Very low and slow is the key the friend who’s mum is an absolutely fantastic cook would do it for 8 to 12 hours after soaking overnight. Plus lots of butter and a good amount of ghee. That Rick Stien was difficult to read but I spotted the butter quantity and thought it needed quadrupling at least.

I know pressure cooking is convenient time wise but it is always better to cook them in a heavy pan.

Good to see you tried the dhunger (smoking) that can be done with any Dal.

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I had them all over the world, including in India, and they are all rich, creamy and deep flavoured. But I dont think I’ve ever tasted a really hot one.

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It worked very well, thanks for the tip! I realised it smelt very familiar when I’d done it. Quite delicate.

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I have tried that and it gets quite oily, it loses its richness. Double the butter is ok. In fact it is great without the butter.

Sprouted some mung beans and going to try this tomorrow

During lockdown I’m somewhat compulsively cooking things that I’ve been meaning to try for ages. I love moong dal, but have never particularly enjoyed dals made with whole moong beans. Most of the recipes with whole moong beans in the Madhur Jaffrey book involves sprouting them first. We shall see whether I enjoy them any more cooked this way.
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Forgot to ask… What fish have you used for the Amritsari fish fry?

Just haddock- we’ve been getting a midweek delivery from a company that delivers from local shops- there’s a fishmonger on it and the fish is very nice but limited selection.

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