Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Shoulder charge to the head


shoulder charge clearing out in the ruck, as clear cut as they come


Surprising to see Aussie heads go down and give up two weekends in row


If only they did that in the cricket!


Well done Scotland and London Scottish who won there 3rd game of the season.


Well the Wales match was fun!


Yep, great game


Great to watch but two pretty average sides. SA are a on a real downward spiral.


This has to be good news for England


Bugger :disappointed:


He wants to coach a team that can match the All Blacks.


You mean beat the All Blacks




Well that’s clearly his goal and so it should be.

I have a lot of time for Jones, he’s dragged us from World Cup duffers to no. 2 in the World. The top spot and a WC win is all that is left to go for.


[quote=“pmac, post:394, topic:151”]
The top spot and a WC win is all that is left to go for.
[/quote]A British Lions side to a series win over the ABs surely?


That’s not part of his job description atm. Maybe in the future, but for now he seems to be totally focused on England.

Anyway, I doubt even that would top a WC win for him.


England team, Mallander, they are having a fucking laugh.


Italy U20 LHP is a beast.


Nice to have the Six Nations back, and I’m watching it on my new big HD TV, which is great.

The game seems rather dominated by defence though, neither team is making much progress.


Didn’t see a wales walk over coming.

Always surprises in the best tournament in the world.

Edit: wingers wet dream of a try. That’s a photo he will cherish!