Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Really looked on to me, don’t think there was enough to reverse a decision. Bah.


The decision (and the result) aside, it was still a huge performance by England.


Haven’t seen it yet as at Newcastle match. Know the score though and sounds like we did well. Will watch on catch up.
Bob’s gone very quiet…


Watching Wales.


I’m now stuck in the Grey Horse in East Boldon watching WBH v Leeds or the boxing!!
They have good ales though:grin:


Nice to see a real number 7 performance.

Idiotic at the end. All we had to do was keep ball and wait. To be the best you have to be rock solid under pressure and we weren’t.
Communication? Or is it the players?
Unforgivable we didn’t have a stab at goal.


Expectations may not be raised quite as much as they might have been. No bad thing.


Having now watched it on catch-up again, what a change by England, totally unexpected tbh. The forwards had dynamics in the first half and for me Underhill was Motm for England and MacKenzie for NZ.

NZ try was due to Fazlet not wanting to tackle a 5’9" full back.

Once NZ had Crotty on, different match, he is a fantastic player.

England lost energy from 45 minutes onwards, especially the second rows.

Hard working match and NZ didn’t look like they are firing on all cylinders, but you can only play what is in front of you.

The Underhill last minute try should have stood in my view, but the ref signalled at the start of the move.


Pretty much full strength NZ even though they looked a bit under par whereas England were playing flat out with there usual host of injuries.
Very close call on that disallowed try. I think he might just have been behind the back foot when the scrum half put his hands on the ball.
Nice to see some new faces stepping up and performing.


I think it was tough to call it offside. He was not moving early but maybe a few inches off the back foot.
I’d have said the benefit of the doubt may well have gone with the attacking team there.
But I’m partisan.


The ball from the back of a ruck is only deemed played once the player lifts it off the ground. Lawes was offside.


England complacent against Japan.
Kicking ball back to them and letting them have quick ball.

Japan are playing lovely fast rugby. Great off loads. Good angles. Retaining the ball.

Some proper southern hempishere handling skills and width are keeping us in our own half.

England back to basics please and need to build some phases and get control. Simple rugby done well, and more retention.


Japan really are great to watch.

Fully deserve their lead. England have to up their game, a lot.


Like sevens at times.

Great stuff.


England just don’t have the skills in contact. Japan have kept the ball alive many times when England tend to go to ground and slow ball comes back.
It’s always been a trait of SH teams on the faster pitches. I’m sure we will power up and try and steam roll it and attempt to gain in the last ten as the fitness balance sways.

Bit like the England football team: all about power and size (particularly youth) and less about skill and guile.


What a try by the 'Boks


Wow. Scotland reply in kind.


Well done Ireland

Great victory!


Would be a grand day to be in Dublin tonight!

Great game


That’s what’s called a man’s game.
You come off the field bollocksed but elated

Proper physical dust up with a fiery, partisan crowd.

Loved it.