Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Useless twat Cheika trolling the RFU. I am in the EJ not wanted after 2019 camp.


Great start.

Aussie scrum murdered there.


Well they all ranted on about Falau’s try in the first half, but that one from Daly was as good, if not better.


Looks like we have our own Falau on the wing as well.


Monster isn’t he

Great prospect


Desperately unlucky there


Really happy to see Tuilagi back in an England shirt!


Turning into a proper hammering now!


Wilson so unlucky not to get MotM! Sinckler has played well mind!


They both played well.

Pity about the last second try, but very happy with what was a comprehensive victory.


Yep, and a lot of new faces coming through.


I went to the pub for the second half, turned into a good choice!


Wales 20 - 11 South Africa. Tidy.

Shame about the injury to the MotM Ellis Jenkins in the last moments.


Not a very happy visit for any of the SH countries really.

The ABs seem to have lost their invincibility super power, they squeaked past England and were well beaten by Ireland, South Africa beat the ABs twice and didn’t look that menacing here and Australia are looking a shadow of the great teams of the past.
Wales looked good today, but the real test will come in the 6N where they have home advantage against England and Ireland, and will need tp perform well against both to be considered a threat in the WC.
England also looked good today but against a week Aussie team.
Scotland do what they always do, promise a lot, look good but somehow fail to deliver.
Ireland look awesome and must be faves for the 6N


I think results this month are largely irrelevant with regard to the next World Cup. Once you are out of the pool stages, it’s knockout rugby. The form of 12 months ago does not come into it.


Not totally sure about that, I think teams take a lot of confidence with them into tournaments.
For instance I don’t think the England WC winning team really believed they were world beaters until they went to NZ and Aus and beat them both in their own back yard a year before the WC.
Ireland will face the ABs with a totally different mindset next year (if they play them) than they would have done without the Chicago game but more importantly getting a win in Ireland for the first time ever will have instilled belief in to every single player.



Hmm, something wrong there. BBC title is amiss.


Yes, but the key thing is France lost :rofl:


Headline fail.