Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Tonga beat France in 2011 and Les Bleus still made the final.


They have as much chance of reaching next year’s final as Iceland


Fixt. Iceland do not play rugby.


Nor do France atm


Stop being silly.


You started it by implying France could make the final


France might do well. Iceland however will not.


Brilliant response. Well done.


You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.


If you think France are a good (or even a fairly good) team, I’ll bet you £100 that England will finish above them in the 6N

Loser pays the money, with evidence, to the winner’s chosen charity.

How does that sound?


Sounds like you might be a bit het up.


Not at all, just asking you to back your ridiculous statement that France are a team capable of doing well in the WC


Did anyone see the match? I bet the French crowd were fucking seething


I just think that writing them off now is premature. You seem happy that they have lost. Enjoy it.


Ok, so, you’re taking the bet then?

Or not?


Nope. Put your money on England.





Have you seen the draw? I just checked and England and France are in the same group!


Yes, I’m pleased with that :wink:


Shaping up to be a very good competition.

C’mon Iceland!! :rugby_football::wink: