Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


I love Iceland!

Did you know they’ve banned palm oil products in their products?

You did know that it was that Iceland rugby team I was referring to, didn’t you?


Do you think they’ll rebrand once global warming hits?


I prefer to call it climate change, but that’s another (very long) story.

In the meantime, I’ll support Iceland (and their rugby players) as their stance on palm oil is commendable.


Barbarians 38-35 Argentine

Cracking stuff, highly entertaining!


Bristol 41 - 10 Leicester

Highly satisfying


Thacker, oh how Tigers management must be regretting letting him go.


Yep, five tries in two games and he has played himself into the first XV


Bath 0 v Sale 0 HT.:joy:


A little reminder to the ZA fellows.


I remember watching that. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited watching a rugby game that England weren’t involved in.

I couldn’t understand why they didn’t take the 3 points and get what would have been a sensational draw. I think EJ said afterwards that he would have taken the draw, but fair play to the players on the pitch going for broke.

Amazing stuff!


Worth going just for the show


Had some great days at the Twickenham 7s.

Anyone recall the day it rained and the streakers ran riot!? Circa 1999?!
I think it got to 20 odd and the more the stewards tried the more they fell over.


Blimey, Tulon got two great players.




London Irish will share Brentford’s new stadium in 2020. Memories of Sunbury piss ups years ago. :heart_eyes:


Been to Sunbury ground many a time for A League and U18s Academy, very Irish. The new training ground is rather swish nearby.


The exiles moving to Brentford could save the club. The Madejski was way too big. Awful place to watch a game. Shame they lost big Bob Casey though, had a few beers with him down the years (my bezzie mate works for London Irish own Mick Crossen). Bob (the only person I know that I literally look up to), was great for the club, but fell out with Mick after years of bad decisions about pay for management staff.


Watching Saints Vs Worcs, two sides trying to avoid the drop.


Do you have a view on this Bob?


He’s a disgrace if that is a true account of proceedings.

Sale should discipline him, let alone the authorities. Why would you want your club to be associated with someone like that?