Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Two sides to every story.

The journo wrote an article 3 / 4 months ago having a right go at Steve Diamond, calling him out for a number of things, saying he is a bully to players and the press etc…

This is the first time the journo has been to see Sale and stayed very quiet during the after match press conference. Diamond asked him why he didn’t ask any questions and it kicked off from there.

The journo is a known stranger to the truth with regards to Sale, so there are two sides to any story.

Having met and talked to Steve Diamond, he is an arse, and he does do stupid things, but he is a first class player recruiter. He is angry old school, not what the PC journo’s like and he is at an unfashionable club, so they feel they can have a pop.

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Bullying and discrimination does need ousting from both employment and sport. Coaches are in a very difficult position though - One persons “pushing athletes to excellence” is someone else’s “bullyboy tactics”


I wasn’t questioning his coaching methods. I was referring to the confrontational incident with the reporter.


I agree with what you said.
It’s easy to understand after a stressful game that tempers are frayed

SD could probably do with some more situational leadership training.
The journo seems to be looking too hard for a story - They are even below estate agents for me.


Maybe he is looking too hard and my feelings about the majority of journalists are in line with yours, but even the worst ones shouldn’t have to suffer physical threats while they are doing their jobs.


Just back from Ashton Gate after a fantastic second half from Bristol, scoring a fourth try in the 77th minute to beat Newcastle 35-28.

They were shite in the first half, mind.


Fav player name of the moment Teddy Leatherbarrow a youngster at Sale.



Some of those were against Australia so weren’t really being contested.


Given that de Klerk, Curry & Beaumont have all recently signed multi-year contract extensions, there can’t be a lot wrong with the regime?


There can still be a lot wrong, it just depends on their personal compromise points and how much of an issue the problems are to them personally.


Enjoying Sale leading the cap bandits Sarries.


Happy that petulant twat Fazlet got yellow carded at last. Now perhaps another for Liam Williams and his late tackles the twat.


Enjoyable game so far. Good to see the ref not taking any shit.


Mako fat boy being shown how to scrum by Sale tight head.

Still time for another yellow card for Saffers


Cap bandits lose


Saracens beaten up.


Rugby vs smash it through the middle with cap bandits

Nice that Sam James got MotM as he used to play in the same school team as my boy.


CVC was a massive mistake, but the clubs are desperate for money and the owners desperate for freedom from the old fogies at the RFU.


Worst kept secret - Nathan Hughes coming to Bristol on a 3-year contract.