Rugby A Game For Gentlemen



Nice to see Genge get a start. Would love to see him back at Bristol. I’d have gone with Robson and Cowan-Dickie starting; give them an hour and see what they can do. It certainly is a lumpy 12/13/14.


He is off back to Bristol I believe from a good source. He can’t stand Leicester the city. He will not renew his contract with them if Bristol stay up. So he’ll be there most likely 20/21 season.



Takes me back a bit!
Played a lot of those as a kid every year.


Scotland back in this now. Nice try.


They’re both trying to lose, I think


Amazing Wales defence there


Deserved Italy try, they looked good.


Could have the bonus point wrapped up before half time at this rate :smiley:


Cokanasiga looks fantastic


Doesn’t he. :+1:


And there it is! :partying_face:


Too easy for England. Game well and truly over after half an hour.


Italy don’t look too bad with ball in hand, but they are totally outgunned


About time Ireland, that took long enough!


A strange and rare thing has happened. France are playing in Ireland’s 22


Like the England game yesterday, this is so one-sided that I am finding it quite boring to watch.


France are fucking shit.


Didn’t last long