Samsung QLED

Anyone got a Samsung QLED?
I can get a good price via blue light discount and considering the Q95T 55".
It looks like QLED is better in bright rooms than OLED.
Samsung don’t support dolby vision, what’s that then? Will I miss it?

Is that a written or advertised quote? If so, Richer Sounds will match it and offer a fantastic guarantee as a bonus.

Its Samsung direct with blue light discount. Not available to non members.

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I’ve had price match from Richer Sounds for all sorts. It might be worth giving them a ring.

Says everyone selling QLED

QLED is still backlit LED (with additional Quantums according to Samsung)

Ooh Mrs P gets blue light discount and we’ll be in the market for a TV soon.
Thanks for heads up.

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richer sounds is a member of the bluelightcard and offers 10%


Says everyone that owns OLED?

I always used to buy Samsung QLED but the LG OLED does piss over the Samsung.

Check the warranty carefully. I have a Samsung 49" and the backlight has partly failed. It’s OK, but sometimes really annoys me. It happened a couple of months out of warranty, and Samsung were entirely uninterested in doing anything.

My new TV I bought from Richer Sounds, six year warranty.

I doubt you can go far wrong with any 4K, HD. Ultra HD or whatever they call a modern TV.
Advertising bullshit is advertising bullshit

In what way?
Comparisons I’ve seen put the Q95T and CX on level pegging.

The last Samsung I bought was about 4 years ago, it was the 40inch curved QLED thing but I found the picture juddered when scrolling and black seemed to shimmer a bit, the software was also really shite and unresponsive

That’s a big factor in me buying a 100Hz screen TV

Hmm, that’s a bit shit. I wonder if the new models have the issue.

Fuck Samsung.

Challenge accepted.


Have they upset you in some way?

Are LG more reliable than Samsung?
I cant get as good a deal on LG but I’d rather a quality screen.
I’m concerned about the OLED in bright room issue, is it a real issue or reviewer nitpicking?

Yes, all the shite I have either bought or been made to use that they don’t support properly.

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