Scalford up the wazoo (again)

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I wonder if they had a wedding muffin :thinking:

Shame for the staff, hopefully someone will take it on.

This. Putting furniture in odd places for PieFi and fumigating the rooms afterwards is a Herculean task but the people who did it were surprisingly cheerful.

Shame as I loved the place,but the food some years was shocking


Last time I was there, on the Sunday evening the bar was supposed to close early but there were still many of us drinking. A couple of the barstaff stayed behind to keep us lubricated until late.

When I asked one of the barladies if they would be paid the overtime, she said no, they would only get paid until the time the bar was originally due to close. A quick whip around soon sorted them out…but wtf!


Yes always found the staff to be brilliant


The staff were fantastic, they were very accommodating at the last show I did where I took my daughters. Hope it gets rescued.

cooked breakfasts were lukewarm,

A marked improvement then.

The front of house staff were always excellent. A sort of Blitz spirit.


Scalford (for the avoidance of doubt, typo in the thread title).

I do miss it, despite all the shortcomings. Kegworth was better than I feared it would be, but still not as good.


It was a dysfunctional hotel for a dysfunctional forum…perfect.


Thank you, I think autocorrect was in I know best mode.

It would make a great Rehab centre.

won`t miss getting lost umpteen times but it is sad to see a business in trouble

It would need serious investment to make viable.

It is horribly dated and would need gutting I expect. Lovely place but a big punt to put right and profit…

I’m not convinced it is sustainable in its current location as a hotel, conference centre, wedding venue etc…

I suspect redevelopment into flats or demolition for housing.

If so, can we buy the fountain for a certain mod of “over there”?

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