Scum School - Bask in their reasonable company


Seems liked they spunked all the budget on the first production;


This is Franco Cozzo. Furniture dealer extraordinaire! His shop in Footscray in Melbourne is legendary for offences against good taste. His son was nicked and did a lengthy jail sentence for importing drugs in his Dad’s furniture shipments IIRC.

He could scum his way through a brick wall if there was a chance of selling you a faux marble occasional table with Doric columns for legs.


Vote Franco



My favourite ever artist. Absolute genius! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


This fella


Ohh that’s nice! ASMR whispering Mark deserves a seat at the table


You want hair? - Kazzammmm We’ve got you covered (In shit mostly)


Lol, that guy that says ‘the babes are back’ has more problems to worry about than thinning hair


Multi-racial furniture

At the Red House


Repetition is often used to anchor a thought or a promise. Mike discovered this and went straight to work


I’m having this on through the hi fi xmas day.
Sorry kids


Shit but strangely addictive ! I did wonder if the camera panned round you would see the pianist in the corner…


Probably Bobby Crush behind one of the sofas


I’d pay a visit, but I’ve forgotten the name of the shopping centre where they are based…


Pompeii, long way to go for a sofa.


hmmm waterproof chairs



The chap in the OP sounds like a cross between Tim nice but dim and Terry Tibbs.


No scum like Strayan Scum,

The ‘art’ of spruiking. Basically flogging cheap tat you don’t need.

“I’d like old ladies to think, seems like a nice man, I want to write him into my will.”


Do they still have those pop up shops in the West end where you can buy a bag of assorted shit for 20 quid?