Scum School - Bask in their reasonable company


Yes, pretty sure that there are a few of those joints along Oxford Street, maybe up the east end towards Tottenham Court rd. I rarely go up that way these days…


At the mind gardens Hifi ‘show’ in the Pompey center part of the dream would be to hire 15 of the most dedicated spruikers. Ideally they would be jumping into moving vehicles spruiking their little tits off as customers attempted to park their cars. It would be key to have an anchor spruiker in the toilet (Captive audience) The remaining spruikers would be disbursed in other peoples rooms with Megaphones and mince pie enticements. Oh and Schumann beam helmets and velcro suits so they can all stick together and be immovable by security staff.


at what substance is it this evening


N’duja pizza


Sounds like Tavistock’s goose fair.


Victorian prostitutes bringing their own mattresses in horse drawn carts will be available in the lay-by opposite the Pompey center.


Will it still be just a shilling?


A good goosing costs a guinea


Fuck that then. I’ll stick with the Funzie casino hookers.


Strayan/Jamaican calypso hybrid… :crazy_face:

Listen to it all, but 1:25 onwards is an impressive lyric…




They need to do a ‘what happened to Dick Smith’ Documentary. He’s probably on parole for interfering with himself on a crazy golf course.



This is Dennis Sindrey

His cod calypso is right up there with the best cod. A prime example of early Ethnohonkey


Y’know this thread is quite telling…The Oz % is way up there in the scum leagues.


Straya does good scum.


Syncing music to ads is a huge industry that can really carry the scumbag message over the line - Example


Somescumbaggery doesn’t age well.