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Gammon much?


The Wagyu of wankers - I love him!


I’m inspired. I particularly enjoy the point where the stirring although perhaps slightly inappropriate music kicks in & drowns him out. But I’d be down to the Pompey centre today if I needed a £1600 dining table.


This Pre bastard re packages something as old as the hills (Suggestibility) and gets on the news to punt his book : I’ll give it a go


The irony is he’s probably as pro-Europe as anyone given his business. He’d have to be.


I want to go to the Pompey center to shake his hand and never stop.


Having now been invited, I would happily spend days swanning about in the comfort of their soft leather furniture. They’d need to throw me out.


Well that’s helped my morning shit to ease right out, hardly touched the sides


He’s got Donald Trump hands


The Dudley method

So good, It is almost like a meat man made it


Leather elbow patches on a suit is the mark of a man to be reckoned with :+1:

Considering the angle it’s likely to be at when he’s sitting down. What are the chances of that white tie getting through the day unscathed by food?


I thought salesmen wore coats with velvet collars :thinking:


The truth will set you free




And only a single platter Kronos ?! Fekking peasant.


He is massive in many respects.


I managed just over two minutes before my gammon filter kicked in.


This is my favourite advert ever.

Utterly shit,yet brilliant at the same time.


Love the way it turns into Star Wars at 2min 40ish