Seasonal Nosebag to argue about

Had a chat with another Meatman the other day and we both agreed the greatest passion / venom of AA is reserved for food debates. No other thread: Cables / Exploding amp co or Flute Prog summons the trolls bile and opinions vitriol quite like em.

I trust we can expand the ritual and panoply of seasonal food dissection - Question: What is the next course? Summers cream tea? The questionable world of salad? BBQ?

Cream teas could be a thing but the seasonal thing vexes me… I was wondering about Bakewell tarts or even Custard tarts and the king of sweet deliciousness that is pasteis de nata :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Why seasonal, that makes it a bit restricted…

…we could argue about meat pies or pasties all year round :heart_eyes:

I’m not eating fucking meat pies every day for a month! :joy:


How about scotch eggs then :wink:


Hah, salad, as if :laughing:

Oh yeah, a tea break with a scotch egg every day. Getting an insight here Jim… I’m constipated just thinking about it! :joy:

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Uncle Ben’s rice: which type of grated cheddar?

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sweets/cakes …meh. I prefer savoury :yum:


Each cat fight takes about x3 months and follows what is stocked in shops

Any attempt to live on cake alone should not be discouraged.

Thank you Marie Antoinette :roll_eyes:


Cherry tomatoes?

Store in fridge or not in fridge? :nerd_face:

Seasonal vexes me because I can’t think of stuff through the year that I can enjoy in the afternoon with a cup of tea, everyday.

Why don’t we just argue in this thread and done with? The format is done and dusted and I’m bored of it now. Anything we choose, I will display with tea Inc bag, Simon shits Marmite over everything, etc, etc… we have already done it to death. So just argue here you cunts. :+1:


Not, for fucks sake!

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Porridge? This is my favourite which is blasphemy to the salted porridge brigade:

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surely easter eggs next?

What about


Plenty of scope there for a blazing row, and our resident sampler-in-chief can have them with his afternoon tea every day :roll_eyes:

Best biscuit selection?

ice cream?
summer picnic items?