Security cameras

After the recent bike theft i got a ring doorbell and security camera.
They are a bit shit, well the doorbell is but the camera is utter junk.
First one had a mind of its own, Ring agreed it was fubar and sent a replacement, that has the same issue. Ring have now authorised a refund.
So i want a reliable motion sensing camera. Something that can actually give what Ring promises.

Ideally with a phone app, cloud storage and with mic and speaker.
Arlo was looking good until i checked trust pilot.
Anyone have experience of cams and can recommend them?


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They have terrible reviews on trust pilot.


had the cameras for 2 years, they have been fine, as has the cloud storage, as has the app

not got a door bell

Go old school


I very nearly went with Arlo but find a 1.2 rating a concern.

Is the rating for the equipment or the retailer?

scanning through the reviews, it appears to be the subscription requirements, the doorbell, the customer support, the tech support, the app, the notifications, and the cameras.

Pretty much a full bag :rofl:

So far ours have been fine, apparently the exception :man_shrugging:

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Obvious gettapi answer is obvious.

We have a Reolink. It works great in the daytime but at night it is too sensitive and gets covered in spider webs which makes it useless.

I have fiddled with the settings but the night light attracts bugs etc which the spiders love.

The app seems very good and works well on the iPhone.


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Interesting :thinking:

Hikvision, spendy but very good.

Have you got a QNAP or Synology NAS at home?


We have Arlo and I’m pretty happy to fair.

We have hikvision and works well.

Does Hikvision have cloud storage and phone app control?
The website isnt very clear.

We have phone app plus a hard drive. Not sure about cloud storage.

Our system is c 5 years old.

Not cloud now, it’s more old school, so you need to wire it up to a recording box which you can log in to online.
So you loose the ‘smart’ aspects, but get a very good image and reliable system. But it’s a full cctv system rather than smart camera.