Settle 2023 - 8th to 10th September

All the thanks have already been said so I’ll just add mine to the pile.
Had a great time though felt a tad shite Saturday morning :nauseated_face:
Big shout out to the Bus Captain for his ability to control a carefully disguised starship when we hit warp factor 5 on the M1.
Already looking forward to next year :beers:


In case anyone’s interested this is the path that the five of us* who went for a walk on Saturday followed

Hornby Laithe is down towards the bottom right, roughly where it says Tracks. We walked up the road to Stainforth, headed west (stopping to watch the teenagers jumping into Stainforth Force, although this is a 2006 pic by one Dominick Tyler, not me)

Then we went over the ridge to the cafe at Feizor, where we drank tea and I switched the tracker off for, perhaps, 40 mins. On the way we had to stop Steve from diverting via the trig point on Smearsett Scar.

We came back on what was supposed to be a gentler route, but while walking without due care and attention we mistook our left turn for a sheep track and then had to hack back across the stone-walled fields to find the path again. The last challenge was to get back home in time for pizza, which involved fording the Ribble (relatively shallow, but with a decent flow and a bed of slippery unstable rocks this had the potential for broken ankles in 2ft of water. Still, pizza …).

6-mile round trip, just shy of 300m of ascent. We didn’t hurry.

*@SAP7, @slavedata, @MonitorGold10 , Richard (Stu’s mate) and me.


Me ,Malbec (Dave) and Rob (Freefall) opted for a more gentler walk into Settle .We did approx 5.5 miles and got back for pizza although I missed out (technical hitch …It did rain at the start of our walk but the Boy Scout in us ensured we got wet first then sheltered under a tree and dried out on the fly ….I had a very good weekend with everyone ,enjoyed the breakfast challenge with John helping doing the scrambled eggs for us all , as well as laying on a superb Saturday Pork tea .The cumin flavoured carrots were a treat Thank you !
Music and equipment was good …A toast to Dave for organising the event ,look forward to next year ,hopefully we can get more numbers to turn up …(note to myself try to stay awake or keep mouth closed whilst asleep ,you never know what tomfoolery is lurking ) A big big clap to all who attended that’s what made the weekend so enjoyable…And not forgetting special thanks to Matt for turning those photo/ photos into fun viewing …appreciate it !!
Bestest Micky


After the bakeoff I went up to Ribblesdale viaduct and filmed the Flying Scot haul through. If anyone wants to see it just pm me your email and I will send you a link to the Google drive.


We have the AA Train Thread too! :sunglasses:

It’s even possible to provide something called a ‘link’ with this new-fangled moderne interweb fuckery.


Try This



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Great stuff, thanks for sharing, sounds like a galloping horse!

Brilliant, that’s a rack and a half:)

Final score:
For the first time, thanks to a few extra attendees signing up after the budget was set, we have a surplus of income over expenditure. Refunds have been made to those who could not attend, and despite spending over budget on food we still had a slight surplus.

Figures are:
Income (after full & partial refunds) £1860.00, expenditure £1563.47 (Rental £1100, butcher £229.39, other food etc. £234.08)
so a surplus of £296.53.

I have used £200 of this as deposit for '24. The place is booked Friday Sep 6th to Weds Sep 11th. We can be more leisurely in departure on Sunday and i’ll have walking friends come in Sunday until Weds (Abattoirists also welcome to stay).

The remaining £96.53 has been dispatched to boost forum funds.

Hope that everyone is happy with this, and put those dates in your diary for '24.



We clearly underspent on food. Steaks on the BBQ next time? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::hugs:


Well done Dave !look forward to 2024


Good mon (as we say I Shropshire).

Time for a Settle 2024 thread @octh ?


When I get back from the far north, soon