Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today V1.2

Rather nice Miyajima in an Ikeda IS-2T headshell


I forgot all about that!

Yeah it’s firewire so rather awkward, and only has 8 analogue output so you need a DAC, but it does the job now. I might get a USB one sometime though.

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Hmmmmmmm. This has made me wonder about some of the toys I have available to play with. :thinking: I have a half decent Focusrite audio interface (USB), connected up to a pc and some Mackie monitors which I’ve never really got round to playing “real” music through. All part of an “all the gear, no idea” home studio setup I bought a few years ago when I inherited some dosh. :man_shrugging:


Brand new power amp ordered today, build time to incoming with next day delivery approx two weeks.

Current incumbent power amp has been temperamental for around a year, intermittently dropping the left channel, which mostly seems to settle down after some judicious welly with t’ vol control. Could be as simple as sticky faulty relays to fix methinks?? But it is a bit of a beast with quite high running costs.

Hopefully this ‘un sounds even better & the leccy running costs should be much much better, which is undoubtedly a good thing with t’ current energy crisis!


Ooh, I am really keen to know how you find this - been looking at their gear to go alongside a possible purchase of a Puresound L300 - I have to give a fair amount of attention to heat output here for the summer months.

Well this promises to run fairly cool by all accounts, so should be a decent contender! I’ll give the scoop on my thoughts re this aspect & SQ of course in due course.

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A post Settle mini system for radio and CD, just the CD player to move over and a dongle to fit for streaming from lappy. Nice little second system.


New border patrol s20 in with unbridged SME. Sounds fucking awesome. I thought the last BP was good, it was, but awesomeness is next on the scale. Adequacy nearly acheived.

Ps. Anyone know what the very small toggle switch next to the mains lead socket on the BP power supply is for?


As a pure guess, earth lift?

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Earth lift switch.

Try it down, if you have hum due to earth loop try flicking it up

S20 should be v good

If a ground hum is noticeable with an active preamp, a switch on the back of the power supply isolates the amp in the up position. I

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Cheers, no hum, but will flick it to see if there is one :grin:

make sure you lick your fingers and stand on wet carpet before trying it

PS this is a joke in case anyone from pfm is reading it.


I’ll wait for Ed to visit👍

… as if :thinking:

Looks like (a very nice) S10 or SE300b to me, which I guess is a great match with Simon’s speakers…

New Dac as the other one was playing up.


Shit My Self Laughing? :thinking:


Come on Sir, decency in public life means it’s almost certainly ‘Soil myself.’

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