Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today

Perhaps someone on here could help?

Review says Ted Jordan was involved in the woofer, and to run with a ribbon like that it’s got to be running fairly wide band.

But I was just going on looks :slight_smile:

The mark audio woofers are neat. Not my cup of faff coffee, but I get the appeal.

Have all the kit, I enjoy long walks and eating at the Turan.


The bass units look very much like Jordan JX92s it would be quite surprising if they are not actually made by Jordan.


They are Jordan JX92s.

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D’oh, post split

I don’t want to come over salty - I like the deck. My comment was based on the simplicity of the plinth which could be easily replicated at far less a cost or improved vastly
The plinth is basically a frame.

Could look nicer

The arm is what it is, if you are speaking to Dave C, ask him about the audible differences between the standard and the Glanz

I do also appreciate the plug and play anti faff crusade and the urge for originality.

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If it was money I’d stick an fr 64 on it and the acustand plinth

I’ll try and get some pics of the plinth at cranage

If I bought one I would only be interested in the motor unit in somebody else’s plinth, as the Techie one looks poor value for money to me.

Post split…





Wow that looks Amazing… what is it?

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What the postie is bringing Thursday?
As it’s 40 something kg I may need a hand if anyone is local and wants a fettle.

Technics box with some beer inside.

It was less new than an SP10r and acoustand plinth so I’m happy. The crate will be useful to hide all the stuff I need to sell!
You only get the wooden crate in Europe.


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Yep. I decided that I needed more Dynavectors.

Nothing that sexy, but an acrylic platter for the systemdek